Finally a football post ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a big football fan. Not American football, which I am also a fan of — #GoPats, but the real football as in FIFA. Facebook In anticipation of the upcoming World Cup 2018 in Russia, I’ve collected data of how many followers each team have in their respective official Facebook fan page. I’ve also included each team’s odds according to Bwin. I couldn’t find Iran and Saudi Arabia on Facebook, instead got their Instagram and Twitter respectively. Twitter & Instagram (Update 22/03/2018) After another round of search, I also couldn’t find Saudi Arabia on Instagram. If you have info regardingRead More →

From time to time, I search the net for Daniel Silva’s book order, in particular the Gabriel Allon series. So, I decided to write a post about it and easily refer to it whenever needed. Gabriel Allon is the main character in Daniel Silva’s series of books. He is a master spy from Israeli intelligence, ื”ืžืฉืจื“ or literally “the Office.” It started in 2000 and planned to be just a single book. But Silva didn’t stop there. There are now 17 books in the series, and 1 is coming out in 2018 ๐Ÿ™‚ Update 01/03/2018: I’m putting in some reviews. Hopefully not too much ofRead More →

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency, of course after Bitcoin ($BTC). $ETH is of course built on blockchain and features smart contracts functionality. Another interesting feature in ethereum is tokens. Ethereum tokens are local currencies in DAPPS (decentralized applications) running on the Network, while Ether remains the global currency. In order to transact tokens, we will need an Ethereum wallet. Below I will show how to setup an Ethereum wallet and address for sending and receiving Ether and Ethereum tokens. Previously, I have written about how to setup a Monero ($XMR) wallet and address, read it here. Before that I suggest using a saferRead More →

We have recently moved from a cramped flat in the hectic metropolitan to an updated development in the middle of nowhere suburbia. Dealing with housing stuff for several months, gave me an idea to write about property. I have to stress, this is NOT an interest of mine. I dislike the hassle of property hunting. Side note: some of my interests areย Dev & Crypto. But just wanted to write about this particularly intriguing line of business to push through with an idea that popped in mind. My 100 billion rupiah house picks Here are some interesting houses listed on Rayasem that are price-tagged at aRead More →

Yesterday, I opened but Google Analytics (GA) and it showed 0 for several days. I just thought we were having really bad days here in Thirteen-ville. This morning, it was still 0. I smell something fishy. So, I tried from my default browser, Chrome, nothing. Then tried from a couple of other browsers, still nothing. Then I went to GA, hit the Admin button (the gear icon on the bottom left), click Tracking Info (under Property in the second column), then Tracking Code. Google Analytics Test Traffic On this page, you can find Google Analytics’ very own way to test traffic, or in other words,Read More →

A while ago I setup altcoin mining in this blog site, read about it here. I’m starting to get fractions of $XMR, so figured to setup a Monero wallet for it. I simply followed CoinHive‘s recommendation (also several articles I read) and created one on MyMonero. When you create a wallet, it come with an address. So, here’s how to setup a Monero wallet and address for your mining activities and also to start transacting. Before you start, I suggest using a safer browser. I used Tor Browser. Download it here:ย Monero Wallet Tutorial On, click on “Create an Account.” You will be directedRead More →

Today, or just now, one of my cornerstone article was placed by Google on the 13th page when searching for the keyword “trinaest”. What a coincidence, since the domain for this blog of mine is Trinaest(.me), which is “thirteen” in several Slavic languages. Thank you, Google Search! my top placed article is coincidentally on the #13th page of @Google when searching for keyword "trinaest" which is Montenegrin for #thirteen. cool!try it yourself: — ื“ึธื ึดื™ (@alternat0) December 21, 2017 Take note that I do not intend to stay on 13 despite this serendipity. Hopefully will move on faster to 3… then 1… whichRead More →

After several days trying it out, finally announcing that I’m using Coinhive’s Simple Miner UI, a Monero browser mining simple interface, on this blog site. You can find it now on one of my post Blog ideas. Monero browser mining So… it looks like a usually ad, but its not. It a simple banner that let’s my visitors contribute to my site. Rather than clicking on ads they might be interested in, this new service from Coinhive uses my visitors computing power to mine an alternative cryptocurrency, Monero. Visitors just need to click on the “play” button, which is user consent. I strongly disagree withRead More →

I’m thinking of putting up some postings or pages: Some topics I raised in Twitter, so it would be a collection of tweets, then add commentaries Maybe I’ll post my sermons –> done 1 ๐Ÿ™‚ Better late than never, definitely should make my lecture page Ethereum wallet setup –> done WordPress username & password security Keywords Gabriel Allon series (reading list & maybe review) –> done reading list & done 1 review ๐Ÿ™‚ Badminton racket review Loading…Read More →