Very useful… To check if a foursquare badge is active, go to Twitter, then search for the badge’s official name. Or to be more specific add the keywords “unlocked” “badge”. Check the result(s)’ time, if relatively recent, then the badge is active. If last result is 3 months or older, then most probably its retired (moreover, if no result). ex: search for “unlocked RadioShack Holiday Hero badge”Read More →

List of badges, and how I unlocked them. post history: 06/04/2011 started Badges are sorted according to time unlocked, starting with newest. PEOPLE VIP – follow People, check-in (3): (got it after 4) WSJ Banker – follow WSJ, check-in (3): (check into 3 venues in the financial district of NY) Warhol – check-in 10 times at venues categorized “Art Gallery”. got it here WSJ Urban Adventurer – follow, check-in (5): (check into a venue in each of the 5 boroughs of NY) PEOPLE Hot Spot – follow People, got it hereRead More →