Today, or just now, one of my cornerstone article was placed by Google on the 13th page when searching for the keyword “trinaest”. What a coincidence, since the domain for this blog of mine is Trinaest(.me), which is “thirteen” in several Slavic languages. Thank you, Google Search! my top placed article is coincidentally on the #13th page of @Google when searching for keyword "trinaest" which is Montenegrin for #thirteen. cool!try it yourself: — דָנִי (@alternat0) December 21, 2017 Take note that I do not intend to stay on 13 despite this serendipity. Hopefully will move on faster to 3… then 1… whichRead More →

I’m thinking of putting up some postings or pages: Some topics I raised in Twitter, so it would be a collection of tweets, then add commentaries Maybe I’ll post my sermons –> done 1 🙂 Better late than never, definitely should make my lecture page Ethereum wallet setup –> done WordPress username & password security Keywords Gabriel Allon series (reading list & maybe review) –> done reading list & done 1 review 🙂 Badminton racket review Loading…Read More →