The film was dedicated to Wesley C. Skiles and based on the experience of Andrew Wight, the co-writer and co-producer. Interesting interview: Underwater cave exploration looked interesting, however the dangers aren’t that much fun.Read More → (North America download site not available anymore – November 2017) Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd Software For BlackBerry┬« Curve(TM) 8520 Smartphone BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1682 (All Languages) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 8520wifijAllLang_PBr5.0.0_rel1682_PL5.2.0.104_A5.0.0.1036_Singapore_Telecom_Mobile_Pte_Ltd.exe File size: 158.39MBRead More → Study of the mind, read it from “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. I like the idea that what we think can affect our environment. For example, if we are confident, then people around us will believe. However, if we are indecisive, they will sense it and doubt us.Read More →

Just try upgrading BB OS myself, here’s a quick recap… Req: Latest OS for your handheld Latest Desktop Software JL_Cmder Steps: Install Desktop Software Back-up data Install OS Erase vendor.xml Use JL_Cmder to wipe handheld Use Loader.exe to install OS Will update on the specifics…Read More →

This is my old master’s research page, recompiled. Original post could still be accessed here. -danny@acl.dcs.upd Danny Wuysang. MSCS student Algorithms and Complexity Lab Department of Computer Science University of the Philippines Diliman research interest E-VOTING, FORMAL VERIFICATION, COMPUTER SECURITY, THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE electronic voting references SYSTEMS┬á ┬áI started my research in e-voting reading papers on e-voting systems. These are the few that caught my attention. If you are interested in doing research on e-voting, these papers serve well as a starting point, then just follow the references and browse for other systems. I might add more as I stumble on interesting ones in theRead More →

CRS Report for Congress, Order Code RL32114, updated January 29, 2008, by Clay Wilson (Specialist in Technology and National Security of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division), phew… is entitled “Botnets, Cybercrime, and Cyberterrorism: Vulnerabilities and Policy Issues for Congress” [1]. I will proceed to describe the report, and provide comments, according to its title. On Botnets. Bot Networks (Botnets) are networks of computers that are enslaved by the botmasters, this is done my infecting the computers with malicious codes, such that they can be controlled remotely. Users of the machines that are part of the botnets doesn’t necessarily know that their computers are infected.Read More →