Monero wallet and address tutorial for your altcoin mining

A while ago I setup altcoin mining in this blog site, read about it here. I’m starting to get fractions of $XMR, so figured to setup a Monero wallet for it. I simply followed CoinHive‘s recommendation (also several articles I read) and created one on MyMonero. When you create a wallet, it come with an address. So, here’s how to setup a Monero wallet and address for your mining activities and also to start transacting.

Before you start, I suggest using a safer browser. I used Tor Browser. Download it here:

Monero Wallet Tutorial

On, click on “Create an Account.”

Image of Landing Page of My Monero, as seen when creating a Monero Wallet
Landing Page of My Monero (

You will be directed to next page, where there will be warnings. Read through it, since its quite important, or else simply continue to follow these instructions I’ve written to go ahead and claim your Monero wallet and address.

On the middle part of this page, you will see “Your Private Login Key.” This key is for logging-into your to-be Monero Wallet. All the fuss in the warning above is about this. Write it down and keep it safe. Not even MyMonero can help you recover it. Copy it several times just to make sure you have backups, and store it in different locations. Do not write it on a post-it and stick it on your desktop!

After writing your login key, type it to confirm on the “Confirm your Private Login Key” field. Below this field, is the… wow… quite a long caption for a Submit button… “I’ve written down my Private Login Key, log me in!” button. Hit it and you’re in!

Image of Your Private Login Key on My Monero, as seen when creating Monero wallet
Private Login Key on My Monero (from

Your Monero Address for Mining

Finally, you arrive at your dashboard. On the top part of this page, you will find your Monero address. Of all parts of your wallet, this is the only information that should be shared or made public. This address will be used to get $XMR to your wallet.

That ends my Monero wallet and address setup tutorial using MyMonero, which you can use for altcoin mining and transactional needs.


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