Monero browser mining at

After several days trying it out, finally announcing that I’m using Coinhive’s Simple Miner UI, a Monero browser mining simple interface, on this blog site. You can find it now on one of my post Blog ideas.

Monero browser mining

So… it looks like a usually ad, but its not. It a simple banner that let’s my visitors contribute to my site. Rather than clicking on ads they might be interested in, this new service from Coinhive uses my visitors computing power to mine an alternative cryptocurrency, Monero.

Visitors just need to click on the “play” button, which is user consent. I strongly disagree with unauthorized mining scripts, which are no doubt a malware to me. So, this service offers a relatively better alternative.

The best thing about this Coinhive service is that it has options from users to set. Users can adjust the threads and speed of mining. The default 4 threads with 100% speed, caused my MacBook Air 11′ to whine. So, after several tries, and monitoring my laptop’s performance, I found a sweet spot of 3 threads and 50% speed. That’s my suggested setting.

Try it below, my own $XMR Monero browser mining, and give comments 🙂 Happy mining!


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