High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)

High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)

New HYIP’s


Start your online HYIP journey by making simple electronic wallets:


Perfect Money (PM)

Payeer (PY)


Disclaimer: WARNING!!! Programs listed below are extremely high risk. Deposit only what you can afford to lose. In no way, the author of this blog post suggest readers to sign-up to any of these programs. This is a mere note of which are active; and also a history of previous programs. Deposit at your own risk. The author of this blog post is not liable for any loss incurred. Good luck to us all!


Active HYIP’s

This list consists of 2 types of program: lifetime & hourly/daily. It is sorted based on higher profit.



Site Status Go Live Last Payout Notes
bitadvisor.biz dead
bit-reliability.com dead
capitotal.biz dead
moneybox36.win dead
mx-instant.com dead
coinstream.biz dead
wandiamond.com dead
boomhash.com dead
b-coin.biz dead
btcboom.biz dead
hourlymoney.trade dead  30 Apr 2018  12 May 2018
hourlycool.com dead
circletrustcapital.com waiting
cryptolux.io waiting
perfect-one.co paying  15 May 2018
coinzinc.com paying
lcgfunds.com paying  16 May 2018
axacapital.cc paying  18 May 2018
ddfutures.com waiting
recoursetrade.com problem  18 May 2018  withdrawal pending
allstarted.com problem  17 May 2018  17 May 2018  withdrawal pending
asiaprofit.biz paying  17 May 2018  18 May 2018


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