Use Google Analytics Test Traffic when it shows 0

Yesterday, I opened but Google Analytics (GA) and it showed 0 for several days. I just thought we were having really bad days here in Thirteen-ville. This morning, it was still 0. I smell something fishy. So, I tried from my default browser, Chrome, nothing. Then tried from a couple of other browsers, still nothing.

Then I went to GA, hit the Admin button (the gear icon on the bottom left), click Tracking Info (under Property in the second column), then Tracking Code.

Image of Google Analytics menu for Tracking Code
Google Analytics – Tracking Code menu

Google Analytics Test Traffic

On this page, you can find Google Analytics’ very own way to test traffic, or in other words, to test if GA is working properly on your website. Simply click the “Send test traffic” button, and a pop-up will appear loading-up your site. It notes that traffic might be tracked after around 30 seconds, but in my experience it was almost realtime.

So, I tried GA’s test traffic and still not counting. Then I remembered I did some plugin cleaning a couple of days ago, one of it might be an analytics plugin that was connected to GA, therefore stopping GA from monitoring my traffic. And surely, da ist das ding!

I re-setup GA on my blog. Just get the code in the same menu as above, its below the test traffic button. Paste in on the header part, and save. Did a test traffic again, and there it is, not so dark anymore in Thirteen-ville. Tested using several browsers, Thirteen-ville started lighting-up.

There you have it. A short guide on Google Analytics’ Traffic Test as a result of my accidental stoppage of an analytics plugin. To my fellow bloggers, check your traffic regularly so you’ll notice if something suspicious is happening. (Back to) Happy blogging, cheers!


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