Very useful… To check if a foursquare badge is active, go to Twitter, then search for the badge’s official name. Or to be more specific add the keywords “unlocked” “badge”. Check the result(s)’ time, if relatively recent, then the badge is active. If last result is 3 months or older, then most probably its retired (moreover, if no result). ex: search for “unlocked RadioShack Holiday Hero badge”Read More →

List of badges, and how I unlocked them. post history: 06/04/2011 started Badges are sorted according to time unlocked, starting with newest. PEOPLE VIP – follow People, check-in (3): (got it after 4) WSJ Banker – follow WSJ, check-in (3): (check into 3 venues in the financial district of NY) Warhol – check-in 10 times at venues categorized “Art Gallery”. got it here WSJ Urban Adventurer – follow, check-in (5): (check into a venue in each of the 5 boroughs of NY) PEOPLE Hot Spot – follow People, got it hereRead More →

Audrey C. Garais and Gabrielle Ira M. Tan. Verifying Privacy-Type Properties of an Electronic Voting Protocol that uses Identity Based Cryptography. Online Appendix: A. Sequence Diagram of IBC Protocol B. Proof of Correctness Run Through C. Reductions for Vote-Privacy Proof D. Reductions for Receipt-Freeness Proof E. Reductions for Coercion-Resistance ProofRead More →

A must see, the documentary film Inside Job. The US financial system is a timebomb waiting to explode, the next time it does, it will be more severe than the last one. A blog by Prof. Mishkin about his participation in the movie. A blog by the director in response. Well, he blogs here. Interesting website on the movie. Don’t really understand this but might be related to the topic, something to do with Alan Greenspan. Got it while looking at the other blogs above. I think Hollywood realized it just had to acknowledge the film since it won “Best Documentary” in Oscar 2011. TheRead More → The film was dedicated to Wesley C. Skiles and based on the experience of Andrew Wight, the co-writer and co-producer. Interesting interview: Underwater cave exploration looked interesting, however the dangers aren’t that much fun.Read More → (North America download site not available anymore – November 2017) Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd Software For BlackBerry® Curve(TM) 8520 Smartphone BlackBerry Handheld Software v5.0.0.1682 (All Languages) Package Version: Consisting of: Applications: Software Platform: File name: 8520wifijAllLang_PBr5.0.0_rel1682_PL5.2.0.104_A5.0.0.1036_Singapore_Telecom_Mobile_Pte_Ltd.exe File size: 158.39MBRead More →