Yesterday, I opened but Google Analytics (GA) and it showed 0 for several days. I just thought we were having really bad days here in Thirteen-ville. This morning, it was still 0. I smell something fishy. So, I tried from my default browser, Chrome, nothing. Then tried from a couple of other browsers, still nothing. Then I went to GA, hit the Admin button (the gear icon on the bottom left), click Tracking Info (under Property in the second column), then Tracking Code. Google Analytics Test Traffic On this page, you can find Google Analytics’ very own way to test traffic, or in other words,Read More →

Today, or just now, one of my cornerstone article was placed by Google on the 13th page when searching for the keyword “trinaest”. What a coincidence, since the domain for this blog of mine is Trinaest(.me), which is “thirteen” in several Slavic languages. Thank you, Google Search! my top placed article is coincidentally on the #13th page of @Google when searching for keyword "trinaest" which is Montenegrin for #thirteen. cool!try it yourself: — דָנִי (@alternat0) December 21, 2017 Take note that I do not intend to stay on 13 despite this serendipity. Hopefully will move on faster to 3… then 1… whichRead More →

I’m thinking of putting up some postings or pages: Some topics I raised in Twitter, so it would be a collection of tweets, then add commentaries Maybe I’ll post my sermons –> done 1 🙂 Better late than never, definitely should make my lecture page Ethereum wallet setup –> done WordPress username & password security Keywords Gabriel Allon series (reading list & maybe review) –> done reading list & done 1 review 🙂 Badminton racket review Loading…Read More →