Developing iOS apps, why not? [started 21/11/2017] So, deep inside I’ve always wanted to start coding again. Looking around, I decided to take-up iOS development. Most of the time, before I do something, I read through stuff in the internet before actually doing it. And as everybody who surf the net have experienced, its an information jungle out there and could be overwhelming. That’s just after 30 minutes of reading 🙂 I have a Mac, why don’t we just get started by downloading Xcode. (will update soon – just don’t wait up, its only 5GB, with this speed I’ll get back in a century perhaps)Read More →

Welcome to WordPress, me. And hello world, welcome to my thoughts and curiosities. This is my first post here. But I have posted some writings in the past. That will be my next task, migrating old posts that are obsolete. Not for your amusement, rather for my pleasure of having more than 1 post. What can I say, I am a man of the past. I’ll be writing about that after this, and also how I set up this fancy new blog site. Cheers! Loading…Read More →