100 Billion Rupiah House as seen on Rayasem.co.id

We have recently moved from a cramped flat in the hectic metropolitan to an updated development in the middle of nowhere suburbia. Dealing with housing stuff for several months, gave me an idea to write about property. I have to stress, this is NOT an interest of mine. I dislike the hassle of property hunting. Side note: some of my interests are Dev & Crypto. But just wanted to write about this particularly intriguing line of business to push through with an idea that popped in mind.

My 100 billion rupiah house picks

Here are some interesting houses listed on Rayasem that are price-tagged at a fantastic sum of Rp. 100,000,000,000. My non-Indonesian readers might be a bit dizzy looking at that number, one hundred billion rupiahs. Relax its only around US$ 8,000,000, haha… only… This is my picks of 100 billion rupiah houses.

Exclusive house in Patra Kuningan

Exclusive house in Patra Kuningan (from: OLX Indonesia)

First is a house located in the elite neighborhood of Patra Kuningan, very close to the Australian Embassy and right behind the hectic Rasuna Said St. (formerly or AKA Kuningan St.). It is an old house with Joglo-modern style. Click here for more details.

Neo-classic house in Pondok Indah

Neo-classic house in Pondok Indah (from: Rumahku)

This is a brand new house, built in a mix of classic and modern style. It is located in the posh area of Pondok Indah. Pondoh Indah is antique high-class real estate area. Click here for more details.

Nice house in Bukit Golf Pondok Indah

Nice house in Bukit Golf Pondok Indah (from: Lifull Indonesia)

Here is another house still in Pondok Indah area. It is located in Bukit Golf Pondok Indah. The house presents a green scenery. Click here for more details.

Luxurious house in Cipete

Luxurious house in Cipete (from: Rumahku)

This house is located in the area of Cipete or Cilandak, South Jakarta. The house boast a luxurious style with spacious yard. Click here for more details.

A joke in Menteng 🙂

Just to better setup the joke, I remind you that I found this while browsing for houses with the whooping 100 billion rupiah price tag. I know Menteng is a no-kidding neighborhood, especially in terms of appraised property and land price, but you’ve got to be kidding, lol… Advertiser only posted 1 picture, it might not be that bad. Kindly scroll down and you’ll understand my feelings, rofl… To be fair, click here for more details.

A joke in Menteng 🙂 (from: OLX Indonesia)

There you have it, several 100M house and a joke. In Indonesian 100M stands for 100 milyar, which is not 100 million but 100 billion in English. Whooping 100 billion rupiah houses…

Note: I’ll try to keep this updated if any interesting new house listing comes up.


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